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How to Get Your FREE Copy of “Digital Missionary”

How to Get Your FREE Copy of “Digital Missionary”

Thank you for your interest in receiving a FREE promotional ebook of Digital Missionary: Fulfill the Great Commission Without Leaving Your Keyboard

It’s simple. No tricks. No sign-up. We don’t want your name, email, phone, shoe size, or anything like that. But we do ask two things (and we think they’re pretty reasonable).

  1. By downloading the file, you agree to READ the book within two calendar months.
  2. By downloading the file, you agree to post an honest review on Amazon within three calendar months.(*)

That’s it. We exist to encourage Christians to use their God-given skills to fulfill the Great Commission. We care more about you reading this book than us getting a few dollars in royalties for it.

If you’re good that, you are free to download the epub file here and load it into your favorite compatible ebook reader app or device.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the book and are inspired to commit to being a Digital Missionary!

(*) Nope, no tricky fine print here. We just need to tell you that Amazon requires that you mention the fact that you received a complementary promotional copy in exchange for an honest review, so please be sure to mention that in your review.

Please join us in asking the Lord to bless the book’s effectiveness. If He puts it on your heart to help get the word out, we’d appreciate it! Here are some ideas:

  • Pray!
  • Invest in buying copies for your unsaved family and friends (Contact us for bulk orders!)
  • Share a copy with your pastor/elders (pastors love reading & writing!)
  • Like and share Grace and Peace Radio‘s Facebook page.
  • Leave a review of the book on Amazon or GoodReads.