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Mission Statement exists to glorify God through strategic partnerships to publish evangelistic and discipleship resources online and in print.

We AFFIRM a loving fellowship in Christ with those brothers and sisters in Christ who affirm the primary doctrines that fall under the umbrella of conservative evangelical Christianity (Baptist Faith & Message, Westminster Confession of Faith, etc.).

We REJECT the word-faith prosperity movement and modern “easy-believism” Christianity that has become the hallmark of many churches and ministries. We also hold a cessationist view of the “sign” gifts, but do not believe those who hold a continuist view to be heretical in their conviction.

We AFFIRM the Lord providentially elevates some to what we today call “platforms” or “spheres of influence”. Such elevations and influences are intended to glorify the Lord, not the individual.

We REJECT the pursuit of “platforms” for greater influence primarily for the exaltation of self.

It is our desire to come alongside to support and encourage individual believers and ministries in their desires to fulfill the Great Commission.