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The Power to Influence

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Think back. Who are some of the people who have influenced you?

All of us are, in some way, shaped by the influences of others. Are you maximizing the influence you have in the lives of others to help them grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord, and service to others in His Name?


Consider this real-life story: At the end of every mid-week Bible study, “Roberto” (not his real name) would pull young “David” aside. Roberto knew about David’s broken home and his ongoing struggles with his parents’ separation. That’s why every week, without fail, Roberto took time to check-in with David, to encourage him, and to pray with him. It wasn’t a long meeting, maybe only ten or fifteen minutes, yet Roberto was influencing that young man for Christ more than he’ll ever know in this life.

This social media-mad world loves to talk about “influencers”, those who promote themselves and their channels on social media, most often for their own glory. A glory that will fade.

But those of us who are born again by the Spirit eschew such vanity. We long for only one Person to get the glory, the Lord Jesus Christ. He deserves all of it.


It’s no secret that would love to help you in your gospel-related project. We want to work with people and ministries who aren’t out to make a name for themselves, but rather want to make it all about that Name Above All Names.

Got a project idea that you need some help with? Got an idea to influence the “Davids” in your sphere of influence? Let’s talk.