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The Power to Reach

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Who are you praying for? What about that guy at the gym? What about the shift lead at the local coffee shop you’ve been spending a lot of time at, who has gotten to know your name (and your love of chocolate croissants)? You can do something almost 8-billion other people cannot: You can reach that person with the gospel.


What if you had a tool–no, better–a gift. That’s right. What if you had a personalized gift, written by you, for everyone you have the power to reach? Imagine being able to hand someone a book with your name on it to make that connection a little more personal, that gift a little more intriguing?

The man Jesus healed in Mark 5:20 went back to the Decapolis region and spread the word about the Lord who healed and saved Him. That’s the power of reach and spark of connection wants to help you with.

You don’t have to write the greatest book ever (the Lord did that anyway!). You just have to–and you get to–tell your story or just about any story you want to share with the world to point people to Jesus.


Whether you want to write a book to highlight your ministry, or as a tool for personal evangelism, or for whatever gospel reason, we’d like to know more about it and possibly help you make it happen.

Contact us today and let’s pray and see if there’s a fit.