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The Power of Publishing

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What would you say if I told you that, for roughly the same cost as a one- or two-week short-term missions trip, you potentially reach generations for Christ?

That, simply put, is why every Christian should consider engaging in and supporting the power of publishing.


Not everyone is a writer. Quality Christian writing takes a God-given mix of sound doctrinal knowledge, self-discipline, a level of comfort with periods of isolation and, of course, the ability to write, and write well. But for any Christian who has even an ounce of those qualities, he or she ought to make the effort to produce something for the Lord with them.

And for those who perhaps have financial resources, but not the discipline or talent, they should consider supporting the ministry effort of the one who does. Together, they are partnering in gospel work. Consider these compelling words from Ernest Reisinger in his essay, “Every Christian a Publisher“.

Every Christian a Publisher by Ernest C. Reisinger’s beginnings are rooted in one ordinary church member’s simple desire to write and distribute evangelistic books and discipleship resources. And now, we want to help others.

It’s no secret that publishing takes money. Traditional publishers take on much of the costs themselves in hopes to eventually make a profit. That risk/reward scenario is why they must be highly selective in their publishing choices. Nothing wrong with that model at all.

But, to borrow a picture of the past, the “Iron Curtain” of traditional publishing has fallen and everyone now has the freedom and power to publish. It truly is at the tips of one’s fingertips. Yes, the investment is on the front-end, and typically borne by the author, but what is that compared to the eternal profits if done with the right gospel motives?


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